DaisiesLook for the presence of God, they told us in the women’s Bible study group. It is all around us, not just in great miracles, but in the most mundane moments. The session ended. I pulled on a sweater and rushed out to my car. Lots of errands to run today. Lots to do. My eyes kept to the ground; I didn’t want to trip.

And there it was.

Between rows of parked cars, a thick cluster of white and yellow daisies had pushed its way through the gravel and asphalt, creating a joyous strip of sunshiny color in a place they should never have grown. No soil. No watering, except for when it rained. No one to cultivate them as a garden. But there they were. A powerful drive to live created this wild oasis of beauty in an ugly parking lot. If daisies could bloom in asphalt, could shed happiness on passers-by, could I do any less in a world of troubled souls? The hearty daisies infused my spirit with love and energy and a desire to touch others with white love and yellow kindness. They brought to me the presence of God.



  1. You need to have a  conscious need for assurance that God is in charge of your every thought to believe that even weeds and flowers have the strength to push through.  Did you notice the brown weeds? – no? Did you notice the dead bees? – no Go back and look at that parking lot again.  I do not believe any of the obvious things of everyday life is God driven.  I believe there is a Ying and Yang of the vast universe and flowers, weeds, tornadoes, volcanoes and wild animals are all part of the universe.Lorraine

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